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Stewart McDonald

NASM certified trainer
Natural Bodybuilding State Champion, 1989

Stewart began his fitness lifestyle with a serious training regime that culminated with 60 lbs of muscle, and the title Mr. Natural Olympia.

Since then, he has been working with individuals in and out of gyms, helping them to achieve their fitness goals. He combines education and over 30 years of experience and dedication you can trust to help you achieve an optimum fitness lifestyle.

He enjoys working with clients of all ages, conditions and physical abilities. His clientele includes those seeking general fitness, weight loss, post-stroke rehabilitation and long-term therapy.

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NASM: National Academy of Sports Medicine

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Begin your fitness lifestyle and get the body you desire in the comfort of your home with Homefit. Our trainer comes to your door with all the equipment necessary and a customized workout to help you reach your specific fitness goals while having fun. We put the "Personal" into your personal training session. Over thirty years experience in safe, well-versed instruction.