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“I can honestly say that I look forward to working out with Stewart every week - something I never expected! He teaches me something new and pushes me to the next level. After just a few months I can see a big difference in my form and my endurance.

Stewart is more trusted friend and cheerleader than drill sergeant. He customizes his workout to my strengths, weaknesses, and goals. His extensive knowledge and experience allow him to tweak exercises on the fly to work better for me. And his ability to break things down into different steps keeps me from getting overwhelmed when I work out alone. And the vast variety of exercises he incorporates (cardio, weights, yoga, pilates) keeps me from every getting bored.

I highly recommend Stewart. He is an amazing trainer!” — Laura S., Seattle, WA, client of Homefit In-Home Personal Training.

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“I've been a very happy client of Homefit for 3+ months now, and it's one of the best investments I'm making. For me, gym memberships have come and gone, but since I work from home, having someone to visit here makes it pretty hard to postpone. And I'm glad it's on my schedule three times a week.

The fit between personal trainer and client probably varies, but in my case, Stewart has precisely the right attitude, knowledge and motivational skills to get me in shape. He's incredibly prompt (you can usually set your watch by his visit), very knowledgable, able to tune his workout to the kind of day you're having, tailor it to the desired outcome, and he's a pleasure to hang out with. Couldn't recommend him more highly.

Great job, Stewart, you're building a terrific business.” — Steve M., Seattle, WA, client of Homefit In-Home Personal Training.

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“I could not stay motivated to do what I know I need to do, to be fit. Stewart is always there, always pleasant and gentle, and he makes the workouts fun and interesting. With his attitude, it’s hard to not keep smiling and keep giving it my best.” — Joe S., age 68, Bellevue, WA, client of Homefit In-Home Personal Training.

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“I’ve had a consultation and 4 sessions so far with Stewart. He has coached me not only on my flexibility and core strength, but on my mind and diet as well.

Stewart is a crazy wealth of passionate knowledge and I trust him completely. He asked me what my tier 1, 2 and 3 goals are, he developed a plan, and I know all of my goals will be accomplished — even the ones I used to think were impossible.

Perhaps it’s his knowledge of every tiny muscle in my body (did you know that in 1989 he won the Mr. Natural Olympia title?). Or perhaps it’s his genuine love of fitness and the power of our minds. Whatever it is, you need not worry about your home decor, if you vacuumed or not, or if the dogs are out. Stewart will walk in, look you in the eye, and get to work. He brings with him everything you need to succeed — including photographs of plates of food to educate you on how much protein should be on your plate and why. If you’re lucky he’ll also show you a picture of his adorable 4-year-old daughter Ruby.

Stewart’s training works in phases so that your body is ready, dare I say, craving for more with each level. Everyone in my household talks about him and what they have learned from him. And in just four sessions I have seen a radical difference in my mind and body.

I was raised to believe that anything I want in life is possible — and I believe it. However, I didn’t believe that was true with my body. I thought that I had the body I had, I had the limitations of it and the history of it and I just had to deal with it. But now, with Stewart’s confidence-building and coaching I know whole-heartedly that anything I want for my body, my health and my aging is possible, too — anything (even that stuff I thought was impossible).” — Molly, client of Homefit In-Home Personal Training